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Carpet repair by heirloom flooring


Is your carpet damaged?

Whatever the cause of your carpet damage - from pets or children or just normal wear and tear due to age - we recommend having the carpet professionally repaired before you think about replacing it! Often times, your carpet can be saved at a fraction of the price of replacement, and Heirloom Flooring can make your carpet look great again from wall to wall.

We can help with burns, water damage, fading, and snags. Give Pacific Coast Services a call, and let us give you our professional opinion.

When you call, please provide any knowledge about the carpet, such as its age, materials, and brand, and the type of repair work that needs to be done. This can help us determine the course of action we can take to solve the problem. Having a clear picture of the problem can help us assess the degree to which we can help.

While we are trained in a variety of other carpet cleaning methods, we prefer to abide by the manufacturers' recommendations when cleaning your carpets.