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Hardwood from Heirloom Flooring


Hardwood flooring especially for your home

There is no question that hardwood flooring is not only one of the most popular floor coverings on the market, it has the longest lifespan as well. In fact, when you choose this particular floor covering, you’re making an investment in your future as well as covering your floors. That’s in addition to the other benefits that come along with it.

Heirloom Flooring knows that sometimes, you need help with more than just picking out the perfect product. That’s why we make it out a goal to walk with you through every step of your new flooring process, from purchase to installation and more. With a showroom located in Carmichael, CA, we service the areas of Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Orangevale, Sacramento, Roseville, and Cold River. We invite you to visit us with any questions that you have, and to see our full line of flooring today.

Hardwood is an investment

Many homeowners pass over solid wood floors because of the extra upfront cost of the materials and installation. However, when considered in relation to the long lifespan and the many benefits this floor covering has to offer, we suggest that it just might be worth it after all.

Spending a little more makes a lot more sense when you consider that your floors could last over a hundred years if properly cared for. Other floor coverings have to be replaced about every twenty to fifty years. So you’re getting at least half again as much life out of wood floors as you would another material.
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Another benefit that makes hardwood a great option is the ability to have it refinished rather than replaced. When most floorings show great amounts of wear and tear including scratches, dings, gouges and more, they usually have to be replaced. With wood flooring, however, all you need to do it call us. After the refinishing process, your floors will look just like brand new again.

When choosing the species of wood for your floors, it’s important to keep in mind the expected traffic flow in your home. In most cases, the higher the traffic amount, the harder and denser the species should be. Oak would be a great domestic species for high traffic areas such as living room and kitchens. On the other hand, you would probably get away with softer woods for your bedroom or study.

Keep in mind, solid hardwood should never be placed in the basement.

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